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Progress, personnel and resource allocation, operational capacity, crisis response capability – these and dozens of other metrics and management dimensions rely on thorough systemic and systematic evaluation processes.

“Without accurate and timely performance feedback —provided by ongoing measurement and tracking of performance indicators—it becomes nearly impossible to efficiently and effectively see progress toward desired ends. It becomes equally difficult to make intelligent decisions about what to change, how to change, what to leave alone, and what to abandon  altogether.”

Ingrid Guera-Lopez
Watkins, R., & Leigh, D. (Eds.). (2009). Handbook of improving performance in the workplace : The handbook of selecting and implementing
performance interventions. Page 251.

I will identify:

Meaningful Performance Dimensions

Goal-based criteria to meet the most important identified needs

Strategies for Sustainability & Improvement

Subject Matter Expert-informed customized and feasible recommendations for measurable outcomes