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Instructional Design
Goal Analysis, Task Analysis, Learner Analysis, Job Aids Design, Evidence-Based Practice, Training Program Evaluation

Job Task Analysis
Structured Surveys, Interviews, Delphi/Nominal/Focus Group Facilitation, Observation, Analysis, Modeling

Needs Assessment
Extant data review, Survey, Interviews, Focus Groups, Observation, Analysis, Modeling, Planning, Reporting, Recommendations

Training Instructor
Leadership, Supervision, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Respectful Workplace, Law Enforcement, Public Safety training, & more

Storyboarding, Scenario-Based E-Learning Design, Articulate


Performance Improvement

Performance and Competency-based design and evaluation; All services comply with the Standards of Performance Technology and the Code of Ethics for Human Performance Improvement

Critical Task Instruction

High risk, mission-critical, training and proficiency validation